February 01, 2011

Wintry Botanical Garden

I enjoyed visiting the Norfolk Botanical Garden last summer. And this winter, I've been having a great time photographing the trees in all their leafless glory. I've been curious about what the gardens are like at this time of year, so armed with several cameras, I headed over there on a beautifully gray and cloudy morning.

Just like I had hoped, the mostly leafless trees stretched high above me in contorted shapes.
(Photo assembled with AutoStitch.)

I was also hoping to photograph statues in front of a sparser background than the full summer foliage would offer.

Different season, different look... no blooming flowers, no butterflies or dragonflies, and the fountain is turned off. But it's beautiful nonetheless. I think I almost prefer it like this.

And then there are the statues in the Renaissance Garden. Although these figures representing the seasons had caught my eye last summer, I found them more photogenic now. The statue above may symbolize autumn, with what looks like grape leaves on her shoulders.

Twigs, berries, downcast gaze.... winter, perhaps?

I think the grains on this girl's dress represent summer.

And then there were these tiny little blossoms.

I couldn't get enough of them...

...and happily photographed them, looking straight up, until my arms were tired from holding the camera above my head.


...and more!

The dead of winter may be an unusual time to visit a botanical garden... but I was happy with my trip!

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