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My photographs seen around the web and around the world:
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Dolce Legato (Sweet Music)
Films & Grains Magazine
Issue 5: May 2012

Behind Bars
4th Annual Curious Camera Show, Honorable Mention
ArtsEye Gallery
April-July 2012

Childhood Memory
Isle of Wight Arts League Show: Youth
March-June 2012

Wild Chicory
Kat Kiernan Gallery: iSpy: Camera Phone Photography
March/April 2012

Optiko Analog Photography Zine site
March 2012

 The Muse, Dolce Legato
Isle of Wight Arts League Show: Once Upon a Time
January-March 2012

Dolce Legato (The Muse Behind the Music)
Hampton Arts League Open Members Exhibition
January/February 2012

8 Exposures Interview
December 2011
Impossible Project Blog

1650 Gallery: Flower Power 2011 Exhibition

Daisy, Growing

Impossible Project's 101 Ways, Idea #109

Impossible Project's 101 Ways, Idea #108

Impossible Project's 101 Ways, Idea #81

Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire
John Batdorff Black and White Photography Contest 2011, Honorable Mention

Lightbox Photographic's Plastic Fantastic II Show
June/July 2011

1 comment:

  1. Dear Britta:
    You've been gone from Colorado Springs for quite a while but what a delight it is to come back to your website and now blog to find out what an amazing photographer you are. Every time I come back to see your work is a happy surprise.
    Your experiments, your passion, your eye to the beauty of everyday is something rare to find.
    I would be honored to meet you again some time and photograph with you.
    From United States,
    Simone Severo