February 02, 2011

Canon AE-1


Meet one of the newest and most interesting additions to my growing family of cameras: the Canon AE-1, which came with a 35mm-85mm Vivitar Series 1 push-pull zoom lens.

Manufactured in Japan in the 1970's, this rugged camera spent a considerable amount of time north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. The temperatures it has faced here in Virginia have been much milder... and I don't plan on taking it anywhere near the Arctic. :)

Hundreds and thousands of black and white images have been taken through its horizontal cloth focal plane shutter... and I plan on letting it project plenty more images onto black and white film (which I may soon develop on my own!). I'm proud and honored to have had this camera passed on into my hands. I look forward to many good years with it.

The shutter, the film advance lever, and the shutter speed select dial, just itching to be used on a photo excursion.

Zoooooom lens. It has seen barren tundra terrain and Inuit villages. I wish I could give it that exciting of a life! But it will certainly be appreciated.

Welcome to the family.

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  1. Well done Britta! Your B&W photos are most impressive. It's interesting and a bit odd to see photos of my old camera and read about your first impressions.