January 24, 2011

Diana Mini Panorama

I've been having problems with my Diana Mini: the shutter has been sticking in the open position, overexposing a lot of images. Three rolls of film, to be exact. But after a bit of shaking, poking, and jostling, the shutter seems to be working again.

-click to enlarge-

The last two rolls I shot with the Diana Mini turned out as I had hoped they would. This is one of my favorite images: a panoramic shot of a tree from below. I was using the half-frame setting, so each individual image is portrait format, not square. I started on the left and worked my way to the right, only winding the film a little bit between exposures to create overlap in the images.

I'm happy that my little plastic princess seems to be working again. Stay tuned for more Diana Mini pics!

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