February 28, 2012


The doll, lace, and cameo are back! I've been inspired by the concept of Japanese Noh theater masks, which are fixed but appear to change their expression according to the angle of the light... or more correctly, their angle in relation to the light source.

 I arranged the doll on a piece of dark fabric on the floor and added a layer of lace and the cameo. Daylight was streaming into the room from below, so to speak (from the direction of the doll's feet). I like the spooky look that resulted from this setup.

For the next photo, I rotated the doll 90°, so the light was coming from the side. I wanted to see how this change would alter the look of her features. (And I also added a pearl necklace.) 

I was surprised by how different her expression looks in the second photo. Her face and features seem rounder in the top photo and more elongated in the bottom one. To me, she also looks spooked rather than spooky. What do you think?

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