July 17, 2011

Parchment Paper Frame

For the past year, I've enjoyed experimenting with different analog photography projects. But one of my recent projects has quickly become one of my favorites so far. It involves creating custom masks for the plastic Holga camera that will show up on each frame. The images below were taken with a piece of parchment paper mounted inside the camera body. I carefully tore a large hole in it to create a frame, then taped it down so that each photo would include the torn parchment paper edges. Simple!

Or perhaps not quite so simple. On the first attempt, I didn't tape down the parchment well enough, and this was the result.

On the second attempt, I made sure the paper would stay put.

I took the camera with me to a local Virginia Beach park to try it out. And it worked!

And now, to experiment with different shapes and materials! The possibilities are endless...

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